Selfdiagnosis in case of kneecomplaints, explanation and advice.

Knee complaints (Pain in and around the knee)

By answering the questions you can findout the caue of your complaints.

To diagnose meniscus and kneeband probems you have not only to answere the questions, you also have to do som tests. For this you need the help of a second person.
If tecomplaints exist for a long period, if you have much pain or if you can not move the knee well, you should consult your docter.
Sometimes additional exams are necessary:X-foto, an arthroscopy or a MRI. An X-foto is only made if a fracture is a pssiblity. After an arroscopy you can have pin during a few weeks. So this is only done if spontaneous healing is not expected and operative therapy is a possibility.
Sometimes pain in the knee is not caused by damage of the knee but by a wrong posture because of avoiding pan in an other joint. Or it can hapne because of surmanage by sport or by to much weight. Think yourself if you are not mistreting your knee.

26 oorzaken voor pijn in de knie.