Rugtraining bij chronische lage rugpijn.

Exersizeprogram for chronic aspecific low backpain.

Doctors make a difference in aspecific low backpain (albp) and in backpain caused by specific (known) diseases.

Specific diseases cause about five percent of all the backpain. It is important to recognise these diseases becouse something can or has to be done. These diseases are slipped disk (hnp), narrowing of the spinal canal with neurologic compression, tumors and diseases from the vertebrae (osteoporosis, fracture, infection).

Aspecific low backpain is cause by a collection of different problems that can happen in the back. It is caused by a diturbed balance between load and asessebility of the muscular aparatus of the back. This causes a strain of the backmuscles, de ligaments and the insertions of the muscles at the bone. Often it is not clear where the pain is originating.

Aspecific low backpain is devided into:
  • acute aspecific low backpain with a duration of less than 6 weeks
  • subacute aspecific low backpain with a duration of 6 weeks to 3 months
  • chronic aspecifice low backpain with a duration of more than 3 months
  • First of all it is important to look if you yourself can find out what is the reason of your backpain.
    Frequent causes of aspecific low backpain are:
  • a sudden wrong movement
  • a short strain
  • somtime working or sitting in an unnatural position
  • a regular wrong strain of the back by work or sport
  • a (small) accident
  • If you think the cause is in your sport, consult your trainer or sports physician.
    If you think the cause is in your work, consult your employer or your company doctor.
    In case of acute aspecific low backpain the pain mostly disappears within 2 weeks.

    Chronic aspecific low backpain is backpain that exists longer than 3 months.
    Then the pain is maintening itself. Becouse of the pain the patient uses his backmuscles as less as possible. This cause a waekening of the muscles (this already begins after 2 weeks).
    If the back is used now, than the weakend muscles will be strained very easy, this will result in backpain! So pain is no longer be avoided. It is important, in spite of the pain, to resume daily activities as soon as possible. This exersizeprogram can help you wit that.
    You can find a diagnosis for your backpain with the help of the site backtest.

    In case of subacute and chronic aspecific low backpain there is a disbalance between load and asessebility of the muscles. This exersizeprogram is a way to enlarge the asessebilety. It is based on the most natural way of moving: walking.
    The training exists in walking three times a day. You can start with a time that is aesy for you. If you have to much pain you can supress the pain by medicines.

    To exclude specific causes and to possibly get other advises you best can go to the diagnosissite backtest first. At the end of this sit you are sent to this exersizeprogram again.