Make your diagnosis yourself in case of low backpain.

Selfdiagnosis in case of low backpain.

With this site you can make your own diagnosis if you have low backpain. Backpain often happens and is mostly harmless, but the pain can be severe.
The site is prepared by a doctor with 25 years experience in treating back pain and meant to help patients free.

Classical view of low back pain

(1) Backpain by specific causes

In about five percent of all back complaints is a clear cause for the backpain. It is important to recognize this cause because something can be done. These causes are hernia (HNP), compression of the spine, tumors and infections of the vertebrae, fractures or dispositions of the vertebrae and M.Bechterew (see also diagnoses in the sitebar)

(2) Non-specific low backpain

Non-specific low backpain is the name for a combination of some different problems of the back. Till now there is no scientific reason to be more specific, because there is no difference in treatment. According to the classical view only the duration of the pain gives a difference in treatment.

Acute low backpain

is low backpain lasting less then 6 weeks. Problably the complaints disappear without treatment within 2 weeks. It is good to keep moving and you do not need to be afraid: the pain does not harm. You may take a painkiller. See the medication advice in the sidebar.

Chronic low backpain

Chronic low backpain is backpain lasting longer than 3 months. There is problably a situation that the pain causes the pain, even if the original cause of the pain is over. Because of the pain you will try to prevent painful movements. This causes stress to the back muscles.(even within 2 weeks) So that when you use these muscels you will easily ask to much of them and cause: backpain! See the advice on this site for possible solutions.

Subacute low backpain

Back pain that lasts longer than 6 weeks and less than 3 months, called subacute low back pain. In this period it is important to prevent chronic back pain. Your doctor will explain to you the way to prevent this and will advise you how to be more active in spite of the pain. He may well advise you to go to a physiotherapist.

New view of low backpain.

In recent years the sientific literature recognizes subgroups of low backpain.

the way it works:

Fill in the questions on the form and go to the next screen There are about 15 screens with questions.
Eventually follows the diagnosis. You get to see what is likely the cause of your back pain, acording ro the classical view and acording the subgroupdiagnosis. This is followed by a recommendation.

Subdiagnoses mentioned in this program:

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